Pet Sitting Career


Rose Connolly , Professional Pet Sitter, Citrus Heights, CA


I am fortunate to be able to work for myself and own my own pet sitting service. I have worked as a property manager, medical assistant and juvenile probation counselor. I enjoyed each job and being part of the solution to a business problem.

I learned so much from my co-workers and my supervisors. I’ve  had excellent supervisors that gave me good, solid business advice. Having your own business is exciting and rewarding but it also has challenges. It is important to have a business plan,  and know how to deal with difficult customers. It also helps to have expertise working with a variety of pets. My pet client base has changed from dogs to exotic animals as well as equines.

A pet sitter is a multi-tasking type job and I love the variety it brings to my day. There is always something new to solve with pets and their behavior issues. You  have to learn to “think on your feet” and make a judgment call.  If you’re considering pet sitting as a profession, I urge you to do the research on the industry, the cost of operation and pro and cons of being a professional sitter.

This info can be found at your local library and on the net. You can also call professionals and ask how they started their business. Pet sitting offers many rewards and there is super satisfaction in being  a top professional in the business. I am fortunate to have found my calling and I hope you will consider this industry if you’re seeking a new career.