“Blind Sided Pet Professionals”


Are you one of the pet professionals that has lost most of your business due to the virus? Trust me, you’re  not alone. There are thousands of hard working pet pros and contractors that have struggled to build their business, only to lose it in the blink of an eye ! There is good news: If you are made of the substance I know you are, you will not let a government shut down shut YOU down or YOUR business.

Coping Strategy:

  • Refocus on the here and now
  • Use Government and SBA resources
  • Banks and Private Lenders
  • Savings account

Our industry will not go away and our customers need us as much as we need them and their precious pets.

Pet Professionals like ourselves will rebound with the strength and resilience that is inbred in all business owners.

Entrepreneurs face challenges every day in their business and this is one more challenge on the ladder !

We will come though this with more insight and with a stronger outlook on what it takes to bounce back from adversity.

Rose Connolly is a Professional Pet Sitter in Citrus Heights, CA.