Let That Pet Customer Go

Pet Sitters..It is simply ok to let a customer go !

They are easy to identify: 

  • The OCD Customer 
  • Customer goes through multiple pet sitters
  • Customer nit picks everything you do
  • Customer wants to micro-manage YOU and your BUSINESS

These are the customers that write a bad review of your service even though you did

an excellent job of caring for their pet . Let’s face it, you are not going to make

everyone happy. So don’t try. I was a real people pleaser and I found out I could not please them all !

Simply let your customer  go or in other words, “fire them”.  

Pet Sitters of America, it is simply good business to let go of stressful customers 

When you let go of negative people you empower yourself to be a more confident person, better pet sitter and a stronger businessperson..

Rose Connolly,  Professional Pet Sitter, over 10 years, owner of Always Available Pet Sitting, Citrus Heights ,CA