Pets Are Family Members

Hello pet friends.

You have heard the term “you get what you pay for.”

Such a true statement, and it means if you pay a reasonable price you get an excellent product or service. This is such a true statement in the pet sitting industry.

You can hire a Professional or the “person down the street.” I know with my precious pets I want a pro who knows the business and is mature enough to be a problem-solver!

Be sure and check out testimonials and reviews on the sitter you hire. Isn’t it worth it to have the peace of mind knowing your pet family is in the best and safest hands possible?

You would not leave your child with any sitter would you? Of course not! So hire that Professional Pet Sitter and not the “person down the street.”

— Rose Connolly, owner of Always Available Pet Sitting, Citrus Heights, CA has been a Professional Pet Sitter, Over 10 years.